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On Fri, 2007-05-25 at 18:17 -0700, Robert Gormley wrote:
> > Which is, of course, why if you go to the Silverlight site, there are
> > downloads for IE, Netscape, Firefox, and Safari on OSX, right Shawn?
> > Because it's "IE for Windows, everyone else is on their own", right
> > Shawn?
> Just wait until the next version, or after bugs are found in the current
> one; it is not in Microsoft's best interests to maintain versions for
> browsers and operating systems besides their own. This is nothing new.

This is what is called "pure speculation" on your part. Maybe Microsoft wants
to wants to offer hosted applications on non-Windows platforms to compete
with, well, certain other company(ies). WFPe (aka Silverlight) certainly has
a big $$ behind it at the moment within Microsoft. Whether it continues to do
so probably depends a lot on whether it's adopted or not (by content

> Either way, I doubt there's a version for *my* operating system and
> browser (Firefox on a GNU variant), certainly not one I would actually
> want to install and run.

Who really cares what you use, except you? From a commercial perspective
probably not many profit oriented organisations. 

I don't mean that in a bad way - just a statement that a lot of for-profit
organisations aren't really interested in the market you represent, and that
explains why you won't be using this technology any time soon. Your earlier

> The "media experiences and rich interactive applications" seem to imply 
> this is yet another vector for mostly garbage like most current Flash 
> movies

demonstrates your feelings towards this type of content amply. Why would a
company touting this type of technology want to cater to you in the first


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