[thelist] MS Silverlight

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Sun May 27 12:34:45 CDT 2007

>> Just wait until the next version, or after bugs are found in the
>> current one; it is not in Microsoft's best interests to maintain
>> versions for browsers and operating systems besides their own.
>> This is nothing new.
> This is what is called "pure speculation" on your part.

Plus, it doesn't even make sense as FUD.  As any Mac users knows, Microsoft
has long profited from products that work with other OSs.  It's also a fact
that lots of Linux users are using Microsoft mice and/or keyboards, and even
running Windows under virtualization.

> Either way, I doubt there's a version for *my* operating system
> and browser (Firefox on a GNU variant), certainly not one I would
> actually want to install and run.

Hard-core Linux folks were religously anti-Flash too, until Adobe did it.
Now, Flash on Linux is used by the same people to show that Linux is
starting to enter the mainstream as a desktop environment.

Microsoft hasn't said that they won't support Linux, and Miguel de Icaza has
already said that Mono will have Silverlight support on Linux by the end of
the year.  This is a Good Thing for Linux, regardless of how any particular
user feels.

-- Charles

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