[thelist] MS Silverlight

Joe Flintham list at menticulture.com
Sun May 27 13:32:24 CDT 2007

Charles wrote:
>>> Just wait until the next version, or after bugs are found in the
>>> current one; it is not in Microsoft's best interests to maintain
>>> versions for browsers and operating systems besides their own.
>>> This is nothing new.
>> This is what is called "pure speculation" on your part.
> Plus, it doesn't even make sense as FUD.  As any Mac users knows, Microsoft
> has long profited from products that work with other OSs.  It's also a fact
> that lots of Linux users are using Microsoft mice and/or keyboards, and even
> running Windows under virtualization.
Scott Guthrie, interviewed on channel 9, [1] described the non-trivial 
effort their team went to to port it to safari...  I'm fairly convinced 
that they want Silverlight to penetrate across platforms and eventually 
out-flash flash.  And since the mono team are likely to port it to 
Linux, it's got to blow less than the Flash player that MacDobe built 
for it.

[1] http://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=304508

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