[thelist] Quick question about registering/transfering domainnames

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Thu May 31 11:32:51 CDT 2007

> If I have a domain name registered at companyA for 6 months 
> of a 1 year 
> registration, and then switch/transfer my domain to companyB 
> for a new 1 
> year registration... Does that mean my domain name is 
> registered for 1 year and 6 months?

Remember that you have an "expiration day" for your domain. Basically that day does not change, only the year in which the domain expires changes.

So if I register a domain today for one year, it will expire on May 31, 2008. Then in December if I decide to change registrars, many registrars will tack on one year of registration with the transfer fee. So then my domain will expire on May 31, 2009. Granted that is 18 months away from the transfer date - but the expiration day itself does not change.

You don't get the additional 1 year of registration from the transfer date, you get one year from your domain expiration date.

Hope that makes sense.

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