[thelist] silly Contribute question

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Jun 5 18:24:45 CDT 2007

yeah Contribute again.  i can just hear the ooo's and ahhhh's. 

i have a site which the client wanted me to set up the left column such 
that it has boxes that must be editable via contribute, on all pages.  i 
set up the default text, fine...  i made it clear that the content may 
get out of sync from page to page.

new requirement - client wants the above functionality, but now they 
also want to be able to edit an editable section and have it propogate 
to all the files.  kind of reverses the previous requirement.

commonly i use include functions in php or html for sections that might 
be replicated from page to page on a site. so... is there a way to make 
or tell contribute that if you edit this editable area on page1 that it 
should update all pages even though they can be independently edited.  
kind of like an over-ride?

or are we talking client education?


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