[thelist] JS: Date.UTC woes

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Fri Jun 22 18:22:18 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I've function that's intended to count a span of time as X years, Y 
months, Z weeks and Q days. In short, I'm basically "subtracting" a 
past date from Now.

I must pass my params as such:

var now = Date.UTC(2007,5,22,0,0,0);  // today
var then = Date.UTC(1967,6,24,0,0,0); // a past date

function TimeSpan(now,then) {
    // stuff

This works fine, but I can't get the Now to be dynamic. Whipped up a 
quick little function to generate the necessary string 
(YYYY,MM,dd,0,0,0) that correctly returns "2007,5,22,0,0,0"

function UTCFormatNow() {
         Now = new Date();
         Year = calcYear(Now); // figures out the correct year in 4 
digit format 'YYYY'
         Month = Now.getMonth();
         DoM = Now.getDate();
         strFormatted = Year + ',' + Month + ',' + DoM + ',0,0,0'
         strFormatted =  strFormatted.toString(); // <-- redundant?
         return strFormatted;

yet when I try to do Date.UTC(UTCFormatNow()), I get NaN.

It seems that I can't use any function or method it Date.UTC();

Can someone suggest how I can get the correct DateUTC for NOW, or how 
to correctly insert the arguments needed?

Many thanks.

Frank Marion     lists at frankmarion.com      Keep the signal high.

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