[thelist] CSS help for the Linux Foundation

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Jun 24 01:14:15 CDT 2007

On 22 Jun 2007, at 21:18, ryan wrote:

> You can see how the site is supposed to look by surfing in Firefox to
> http://testmediawiki.freestandards.org/
> Then I looked at the page in IE6/PC and it was *completely messed  
> up*. I
> upgraded to IE7 and it actually improved considerably, but there are
> still a couple widgets on the homepage that IE7 is moving around.
> I am hoping that someone here could help take a look at this page and
> give me some guidance on making this work for IE.


What you could do is start again from a solid base. Have a look at
which is a really good CSS generator, with all the IE workarounds  


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