[thelist] GoDaddy software and Macs

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Tue Jun 26 12:46:06 CDT 2007

If you don't want to remake the website, you need to find some why  
for her to use GoDaddy's software -- which suggests IE Win emulation  
of some sort.  (I... assume you tried Firefox?)

If you are willing to convert to some new system, there are CMSes out  
there that are free and very useable.  I have built websites for non- 
techie friends using WordPress -- it's nominally blog software, but  
is quite usable as a straight CMS.  I believe Drupal is also free  
software, and widely regarded (though I am unfamiliar with it).


Stephen Rider

On Jun 26, 2007, at 12:25 PM, Brooking, John wrote:

>    We have a friend who has a website hosted by GoDaddy, and which is
> built using their hosted "Website Tonight" site builder.  
> Unfortunately,
> she uses a Macintosh, which is not "recommended" for that software
> according to their FAQ, and in fact she is not able to update the site
> herself. (I don't know how the original decision was made, maybe it  
> was
> before she was involved.) So far she has been calling my wife to do
> updates for her, so I am thinking about alternatives to suggest to  
> her.

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