[thelist] .NET and MSSQL data validation

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Thu Jun 28 16:33:47 CDT 2007

First off, I'm not a big fan of the built in validation that is part of the web controls. I rolled my own. But I tend to be a maverick about such things.

Second, constraints and such should be a DB level function - not a code level issue. Use the DB first, code as a backup / filter to your data. Sort of how you use Javascript to validate some data inputs and provide immediate feedback to the user without a page refresh/hit - but always validate that data again on the server side.

And how long will it take you to be comfortable with dotNet? How long did it take you to be comfortable with ASP? I'd say at about half that long with dotNet due to experience helping you out. Your mileage may vary. ;-)

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From: "Joel D Canfield" joel at streamliine.com
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 12:34:27 -0700
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Subject: [thelist] .NET and MSSQL data validation

> My question: how long does it take to get from pretty comfortable with
> classic VBScript ASP and MSSQL and object-oriented life in general, but
> with zero real programming languages, to a point where I can build this
> tool in .NET without using the WYSIWYG designer thingies I've seen?
> thanks ever so much
> joel

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