[thelist] finding the IP from a server

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Thu Jul 5 11:48:56 CDT 2007

How do you get to your WebMail currently? Do you use your domain name with a prefex or directory path?


Or is the web mail on a completely different server from your normal web services?

Lastly, are you planning on moving the regular mail services too? Or keep them where they are? If you move the regular mail service, your original webmail setup will probably not work anymore.

To find your MX records you can do an nslookup:

just type "nslookup" at the DOS/Command prompt.

then type "set type=MX"<cr>

then type your "domain name" <cr>

This will give the mail server setup for you domain, which is the basis for your incoming mail service and your web mail services.

You could always ask the DNS host to send you a copy of the Zone file, that way you get all the sub-domains setup. Or use the tools at DNSStuff.com

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> Good morning,
> I'm going to change the DNS from a domain and would like to keep the "webmail" from the former server.
> Thus I think that if I cat determine the IP from the actual server, then could keep in touch with the older mail after DNS change finished.
> Anybody could know the way for finding the IP from the server:
> ns1,cadiasoft.com
> ns2.cadiasoft.com    ???
> Thanks a lot in advance
> Joan Olivé i Mallafrè
> Barcelona
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