[thelist] [JavaScript] Mootools conflicting with CSS3-Multi Column script

Jason Sweeney jasonsweeney at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 09:32:01 CDT 2007

JavaScript neophyte here, trying to mash different script together on
one page.

I'm working on a page where I am using the CSS3-Multi Column script
introduced at A List Apart:


It works great on it's own.

But, when I add the mootools library, the column script starts throwing
the following error:

from.getElementsByTagName is not a function

The script can be found at:


The line in question seems to be:

return (namespace) ? from.getElementsByTagNameNS("*", tagName) :

I figure I need to rewrite something in the column script to resolve the
conflict with mootools -- and it's probably *blindingly* simple -- but I
am lost in the woods. I googled extravagantly, but while I found similar
issues between mootools and other scripts, I could not find the solution
for this specific script.

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.



jason sweeney

jasonsweeney at gmail.com

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