[thelist] contact from vs. email

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Sat Jul 28 10:01:46 CDT 2007

Just curious,  I just assumed management of another site.  The previous 
web person did something real screwey with an email link.  The client 
has both a PC and a MAC.  The Mac was not configured for email.  Anytime 
she would click on the contact us, email link, it would fail.  She also 
got complaints from some clients of similar problems saying something 
about Outlook not being configured... blah...  So what this person did 
was to remove the mailto and say something like email is down and please 
email so-so at abc at xyz.com in plain text.  Also to her he commented that 
he cannot be responsible for everyone's email working.

The easy workaround for me is to create a simple php contact form with a 
couple fill-in fields.  This works fine.

Just curious I said..  Is email config on local PC a common problem or 
is she somewhat a victim of circumstances, coincidence?

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