[thelist] site check please

Sales @ Lycosa sales at lycosa.co.uk
Mon Aug 6 18:15:22 CDT 2007

> Depending on zoom level and font size, mechanics/technicians in the first
paragraph along with full justification can look very bad, with almost as
much whitespace on one of those lines as characters.

I've altered the style sheet now - does it still look bad? If so, could you
post me a screen grab offlist? Thanks.

> #rightmenu is pushed down under #content.

Er, yeah...changed styles without double checking FF. [hang head in shame]

> As is usual when text is constrained by px width containers, line lengths
get too short as text size gets larger. I don't see any apparent reason not
to set container widths in em here.

How do you size div tags? As a recent (a year or so) convert from tables, I
haven't really got a handle on what sizing to use for the best. What do you

> http://www.oystonautos.co.uk/menuh.css is 404.
Thanks, removed - not needed.

Felix, thanks for your helpful comments, they have made a big difference.


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