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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
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On 2007/08/07 00:15 (GMT+0100) Sales @ Lycosa apparently typed:

>> Depending on zoom level and font size, mechanics/technicians in the first
> paragraph along with full justification can look very bad, with almost as
> much whitespace on one of those lines as characters.

> I've altered the style sheet now - does it still look bad? If so, could you
> post me a screen grab offlist? Thanks.

You still have text-align: justify on #content. That needs to be dropped. You
don't need a screenshot. Simply try each increment of default font size from
16px up to 28px at least in FF or Opera, and you'll see points where at least
one line in that paragraph has huge whitespace.

>> As is usual when text is constrained by px width containers, line lengths
> get too short as text size gets larger. I don't see any apparent reason not
> to set container widths in em here.

> How do you size div tags?

That's a technique that needs to be learned.
http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/SS/bbcSS.html demonstrates what happens when you use
px for widths.

> As a recent (a year or so) convert from tables, I
> haven't really got a handle on what sizing to use for the best. What do you
> do?

Start by changing #wrapper from 780px to 48-49em, and work from there with
16px as a default, and test by zooming up and down. Inner containers will
also need adjustment. You can try using the following for some guidance:

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