[thelist] hand-coding .NET

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Tue Aug 7 11:10:40 CDT 2007

> For the code behinds I think it
> is a true waste of time to code them by hand, VS 2005 is such 
> a powerful
> tool. The intellisence is absolutely superb and a real time saver, you
> can code as fast as you can type not needing to remember the thousands
> of properties, methods, variable names and such. Debugging is also so
> quick and easy. VS 2005 is far more advanced than the old 
> school WYSIYG editors.

Info from the real world is always helpful, Tim. I'm trying to keep an
open mind and just consider all this 'learning new things', which I
claim to enjoy ;)



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