[thelist] hand-coding .NET

Kuhn, Timothy M. (Tim) (Perkins Coie) TKuhn at perkinscoie.com
Tue Aug 7 11:06:24 CDT 2007

>How 'bout all you .NET gurus - if I'm going down the path of building
>tragedy, being inexorably driven toward GUI-based web dev? Or is it all
>going to turn out okay in the end?

>Maybe it's a sign of age. Having learned computer stuff when we used
>punch cards, and begun my professional career when DOS 3 was the latest
>thing, I have a lifelong aversion to my computer trying to 'help' me. I
>don't even use my mouse unless it's really the most efficient way to
>things done.

>I've pretty much lost interest in building external websites. If using
>.NET for intranets is going to push me places I don't want to go (as I
>fear it may be) I might actually be facing a career change.

>I've been doing work I love passionately for so long that I can't bear
>the thought of grinding my way through every day's work like I did ten
>years ago.

>Wow. Only five paragraphs from technical question to midlife crisis.

>Thanks, I think.



I have been coding .NET professionally since the beta version. I
understand your aversion to using a tool to code as opposed to hand
coding. My blunt opinion is go ahead and code the aspx pages by hand if
you would like. I usually do and then check for silly mistakes, hooking
events and such using the designer tab. For the code behinds I think it
is a true waste of time to code them by hand, VS 2005 is such a powerful
tool. The intellisence is absolutely superb and a real time saver, you
can code as fast as you can type not needing to remember the thousands
of properties, methods, variable names and such. Debugging is also so
quick and easy. VS 2005 is far more advanced than the old school WYSIYG
editors.  I'm not trying to sell a product here, just voicing an opinion
based on my experience. No holy wars please, like Joel I'm much too old
for that.


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