[thelist] sub-domain???

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Thu Aug 9 09:47:36 CDT 2007

I have never set up a sub-domain, am not familiar with the 
benefits/purpose.  However here is the situation... I have a site that 
is doing well on its own, but we are in the process of designing a child 
site (more tailored to a teen, young adult's audience).  In developing 
it I have it set up as a subdirectory of the parent, i.e.:


Nothing complicated.  I have a number of SQL queries that are shared by 
the 2 sites, slightly different flavor.  I also have a custom stats 
script that without pain can separate out numbers fairly easily. 

Is this a candidate for a sub-domain or is that a different beast?  
Otherwise it would be easy enough to set up a new domain.


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