[thelist] Website not displaying with 800x600 resolution

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Fri Aug 10 10:57:47 CDT 2007

On Aug 9, 2007, at 9:21 AM, Mark Howells wrote:

>> at my monitor resolution of
>> 1856x1392, this means my browser is usually 800x600 or less.  dealing
>> with sites that horizontally scroll or don't fit is very frustrating
>> and i try to avoid them when i find them.
> How on earth do you ever read anything online??? I spend ten to
> twelve hours per day online, and of all the sites I visit, perhaps 5%
> of them fit into a tiny 800px width without scrollbars!!!!

I do the same thing -- my windows on my 1024x 768 laptop are  
frequently smaller, to make it easier to see what all is up.

This is aided by the fact that a page's main content is generally  
narrower than the page -- I don't mind so much scrolling over to see  
the sidebar, and I don't miss the ads at all. ;)

(Side note:  my mouse is set up so that if I click both buttons at  
once, it switches the axis of the scroll wheel, which makes side- 
scrolling a lot easier)


Stephen Rider

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