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On 2007/09/06 16:01 (GMT+1200) Dean Edridge apparently typed:

> Steven Pierce wrote:

>> I have a site that I am doing, that the guy first tells me that he wants it
>> to this
>> res, and then now a different one.  How do I set the screen so that it
>> will detect the current res and set the display for it.  I have seen a few
>> java scripts, but they have not worked correctly.  I am using templates for
>> this site, I have a very short time to get this one done.

>> www.page-developer.net/chris/fibu

>> The main page is all that I am worried about right now.  If you set your
>> display to 1152x 864 it moves the menu over to the right.  If it is
>> 10 x 7 it is all lined up.

Even worse at 1600x1200, but the thing to do is to generally disregard both window size and screen resolution, and relate containers to text size by sizing them in em and/or %. Sizing entirely in em means relationships
within a page stay constant regardless of window size and font size, which works well with smaller fonts in smaller windows, larger fonts in larger windows, medium fonts in medium windows, and modest variational
combinations thereof.

> I think that you will need to learn how to build a "liquid" site. You 
> can't really design a site these days that has a pixel-based width.
> I suggest that you google  'liquid website templates' and start from there.
> Also have a look around on the sites below for possible info [1] [2].
> [1] http://meyerweb.com/
> [2] http://www.alistapart.com/
> It is a bit of learning curve. But I find it is just a case of looking 
> at it from a different angle.

Other examples:

More complex:

> For example, instead of thinking how wide it could be in absolute 
> pixels, think of it like this.

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