[thelist] client wishlist - modeling/graphics

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Oct 22 09:01:05 CDT 2007

Bob Meetin asked:

>>I have a client who has a product, exercise equipment,  ... 
>>his wishlist he would like to be able to take some of the images 
>>and with whatever software that can do this create some 3 
>>dimensional type moving/rotating views, as if someone using a 
>>video camera is walking around the equipment and moving up/down 
>>at the same time to change perspective. 

Hi Bob,

I second Kasimir's notes ... but I would add a suggestion that you take 
a look at some of the options that come up on a search for 'virtual tour

software'. Those kinds of 3D things are used reasonably often on real 
estate and 'hospitality' sites.  They offer the 360 degree room views
zooming in and out kinds of stuff.


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