[thelist] client wishlist - modeling/graphics

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Oct 22 22:26:22 CDT 2007

> Hi Bob,
> I second Kasimir's notes ... but I would add a suggestion that you take 
> a look at some of the options that come up on a search for 'virtual tour
> software'. Those kinds of 3D things are used reasonably often on real 
> estate and 'hospitality' sites.  They offer the 360 degree room views
> and 
> zooming in and out kinds of stuff.
I did some googling this afternoon (now many hours ago) for virtual tour 
software and such.  It's not the same thing as the requirment, but leads 
back in the direction of hiring a photographer to take a slew of pictures.

Kasmir said, "There are many ways to make it look like 3D, but no real 
3D."  Yes I got that.  I took a look at the wikipedia article.  Both 
that and the virtual tour software seem to have panoramic cameras and 
lots of images in the toolkit. 

If my client pursues the 3D stuff, what type of specialist would we/he 
be in the market for, what skillset?


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