[thelist] Stop the Hate - IE6 isn't so bad!

Kristian Rink kristian at zimmer428.net
Wed Oct 24 08:38:52 CDT 2007

Hi Jon;

Am Wed, 24 Oct 2007 06:24:57 -0700
schrieb "Jon Hughes" <jon at phazm.net>:

> I appreciate your comments (and suggestion -- you no longer need to
> register/log in to post a comment, I forgot to turn that off, silly
> me)

Good. :) So next time I'll be about to comment directly, there. ;)

> I'm curious as to what industry you work in, and how you can justify
> losing up to 50% of your viewers simply because you have to "code
> for" a specific browser.

In terms of business, in our case site hits / visitor numbers aren't
that important. We provide some specialized document management service
for construction projects and companies, and people in these projects
are supposed to use our web environment in order to, well, keep track
of documents, do collaboration, ... . Most of our working time 
we actually spend on building backend / core logic, and talking about
browser compatibility, bottom line / oldest browser we have to support
is IE 5.5. By now, trying to find the lowest set of technologies and
standards usable by all browsers in a sane way has proven to be the
best approach in terms of time used to maintain the web frontend.
Looking at our browser stats, I see it's rather diversified, ranging
from old Netscape / IE 5.5 installments to MSIE 7, having a huge share
of Firefox and especially Opera users out there. And I fancy with the
idea of dumping (X)HTML for these things anyhow and solely rely upon a
Java applet / webstart app to completely dump all this browser nonsense
for that purpose. ;)


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