[thelist] Stop the Hate - IE6 isn't so bad!

Jon Hughes jon at phazm.net
Wed Oct 24 08:24:57 CDT 2007

> Technically and in terms of content the page is well done, congrats. :)
> However, as I have to login to post a comment (and I don't want to
> register), my comment is here:
> "...The fact is, IE6 is not that hard to code for, ..."
> Actually, _that_ is the very problem. No real IE hate here, but there
> is a more or less clear way things should be: There are standards, and
> there are browsers that should implement them. Having "to code for" a
> given browser simply is neither what is intended in this technology nor
> what is desirable either for developers or for users. That said, I
> share the opinion of the site you quoted about "giving up IE6" and,
> though in a kind way, asking people to please use a better browser. ;)
> Just my $0.02, of course...
> Cheers,
> Kristian

Hi Kristian,

I appreciate your comments (and suggestion -- you no longer need to
register/log in to post a comment, I forgot to turn that off, silly me)

I'm curious as to what industry you work in, and how you can justify losing
up to 50% of your viewers simply because you have to "code for" a specific

I would agree wholeheartedly with this decision if IE6 didn't command such a
huge audience.

 - Jon

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