[thelist] XSLT and RSS Feeds: Item Description

Dave Stevens dave.a.stevens at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 25 04:34:34 CDT 2007

Hello all,

I am working with some RSS 2.0 feeds which I have no control over. I
am applying an XSL Transformation to the feeds to display them nicely
in the browser, however at source the "Description" node for each
item, which contains the html content of the blog post being
syndicated, is being escaped.

As a result, when I pull the description node out to display, the raw
html is displayed on the page. I have tried turning output escaping on
and off, neither have any effect.

In both Firefox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 7, the feed displays as I
wish it to, as something is converting this escaped data back in to
html - however I have yet to find a suitable method to do so.

Does anyone have any pointers for me? I've been googling all morning
and have yet to come up with anything.

Example description node:
<description>&lt;strong&gt;Text with a bold appearance in many


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