[thelist] Layout stability

Robert O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Wed Nov 7 08:56:25 CST 2007

>>> That depends entirely on how the menus are implemented. If they are >>well implemented, then if JS isn't available then they will remain >>highly usable (even if they don't have the ability to expand and >>collapse).
> Could you provide a sample please? and how they will remain usable even if they don't have the ability to expand and collapse.
> regards
> davoud

I tend to make dropdown menus first with CSS :hover and :focus 
pseudoclasses and then add javascript on top.

As a fallback to both of those you can simply style the nested 
navigation links and not hide them at all. Of course it only really 
works well like this when the menu is vertical and the 'drop-downs' 
actually appear to the side of the menu item (imagine sub-menus 
appearing to the right of your vertical link lists as you hover on them).

I find the best thing to do is repeat the links you'd find in the 
dropdown for the section you are on somewhere on the page (usually a 

This website has some good starting points for CSS menus:

Thierry's accessible CSS/DOM menu is an excellent piece of work aswell:

Hope that helps some,

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