[thelist] reasonable expectations for email delivery of HTML

Jon Hughes jon at phazm.net
Wed Nov 7 09:29:50 CST 2007

> When I use dadamail to send out an html copy of the site/page to
> subscribers (me at this time) it is displaying surprisingly well to me
> in both Outlook and Thunderbird, but not well at all for my customer.
> In my mind it is possibly due to his monitor or perhaps some
> customizations to Outlook.
> What I am asking, "Are we at the stage where a customer should expect
> that we can deliver/mimic his/her website in the body of an email
> message?"  To me it 'feels' like this is a different ballgame, adds a
> new set of variables, time/effort to be included in the basic package?
> Seems more like the 'platinum' version with 'platinum' testing/time.
> -Bob

Although this may not be the issue:

Outlook 2003 uses IE's rendering engine, but Outlook 2007 uses Word's
rendering engine for HTML emails.

That has caused differences in my HTML emails.

 - Jon

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