[thelist] Layout stability

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Nov 7 16:08:44 CST 2007

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On Nov 6, 2007, at 7:03 AM, DAVOUD TOHIDY wrote:
>> Please visit my portfolio at http://cssfreelancer.awardspace.com .
>> I am wondering what your opinion is about it.  Would you please
>> provide a feedback?
> It reads as though you're trying to pack it with keywords (such as
> "freelance").
> Joe business owner doesn't care much about "CSS Standards" and
> "XHTML".  He probably doesn't know what they mean.  Based on the
> _visual appearance_ of the page, he'll assume you're not much of a
> designer.  Boxy.  Boring Blah.
> I don't mean to be overly harsh.  "Tough Love" this is. :)  The page
> needs an overhaul if you expect it to drum up business for you.

I agree with this assessment. Apologies if it's harsh, but your site looks boring and provides no compelling reason why someone should hire you over someone else. In fact, if I looked at your site, and compared it to some other design shops that have far more attractive designs, I wouldn't hire you.

Sorry that this is harsh, but your site looks like yet-another-boxy-CSS site. Of which we have plenty already.


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