[thelist] OT: Need a new laptop for development...

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Fri Nov 30 03:31:27 CST 2007

I absolutely agree that Macs are similarly priced to equivalent PCs.

However, there is a definite lack of customisability in the Apple range.
Want to have a second hard drive (maybe to run virtual machines) in a modular bay? No. Ditto for extra batteries etc
Want a docking station? No.
Want to be able to run 2+ monitors off your laptop? No
That's where the PC options shine - infinitely customisable.

> The G3 PowerMac before that is now *9* years old
> and is plenty functional for most tasks. TCO anyone?

Sure - I can run XP (or a Linux distro) on a 9 year old PC. The difference is that with XP I'm still supported, and get security patches etc.

With Mac OSX, I now need to be running MacOSX 10.4.x or 10.5.x if I want patches.

So please, let's avoid the FUD.


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On 29 Nov 2007, at 13:18, TJ wrote:

> As far as Mac go, they look pretty - thats about it for me.  I would
> never pay those prices when I can get 3 equivalent Windows (Dell, HP,
> Acer, etc) machines for the same price as one Apple.  Its a financial
> no-brainer.  If I had money to burn, then I might because - like I
> wrote, they look pretty and they look fun but I need to work and I
> need to save money.   I could fully max out an HP laptop AND get a
> monitor for the same price as an equivalent Apple.

Go on then - spit the specs.

You're spouting FUD I'm afraid. There's very little price differential
between *similarly specced* machines; Apple just don't want to play in
the very bottom end.

Oh, and my 4 year old PowerMac is running everything it always did
perfectly, even under the latest and greatest OS update. The only
reason for upgrading to a new iMac is some of the stuff I want to do
now is Intel only. The G3 PowerMac before that is now *9* years old
and is plenty functional for most tasks. TCO anyone?


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