[thelist] ASP Shopping Carts

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Fri Dec 14 09:18:20 CST 2007

My "pays-my-bills" company is making their final decision on a shopping
cart, and have settled between ASPDotNetStoreFront and LaGarde Storefront.
We are running Windows 2003 (with SQL Server 2000) and were leaning towards
one of these two rather than trying to get OsCommerce to work on a Windows

We have a few needs that other cheaper solutions won't fulfill (such as the
ability to work with QuickBooks), so that is why we have come down to these
two.  LeGarde says that they have received a lot of complaints from new
customers that the support from ASPDotNetStorefront hasn't been very good.
I was also told that starting Q1 of 2008, ASPDotNetStoreFront would probably
be requiring SQL 2005.  

Does anyone have experience with either one?  Any feedback would be
appreciated as we make our final decision.



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