[thelist] [Easy as Pie] Unobtrusive Javascript

Jon Hughes jon at phazm.com
Sun Dec 16 20:25:57 CST 2007

Hey list,

I remember when I first joined this list about a year to a year and a 
half ago, I didn't know anything about JavaScript, my browser 
compatibility skills were sub-par and my markup was bitter tag-soup.

Thanks to this list, I am now (in my own very humble opinion) able to 
spread the knowledge I gathered from this list to others.

I recently posted the first in a continuing series of DIY posts, which 
is entitled, "Easy as Pie - Unobtrusive JavaScript"


Please let me know if you like it (or if you think I should stick to my 
day job).

Thanks again,

   Jon Hughes

p.s. I know I have some problems with IE7 - I'll fix those soon! :)

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