[thelist] Sister's website

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 11:01:39 CST 2007

> 	www.themeridiangrp.com
> If anyone has an idea what "fair market value" is I would appreciate  
> it. Thanks. Rick

Some pages, like the home page and


do not render correctly in FF 2.0.



has a PHP parse error as well.

Also, as mentioned, this is a hard-coded site, which means:

1. More work to develop it
2. More work (maybe a LOT more) to maintain it.

If I were to build this I would use a CMS, like Drupal.

Regarding the price, it's hard to say b/c there are a LOT of pages 
here--more than I can easily see. I would say the price is closer to the 
$1-2K range than $500.


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