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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Dec 19 05:42:50 CST 2007

On Tue, 18 Dec 2007 11:56:24 -0500, David Laakso wrote:
> Rick Good wrote:
>> I designed a website for my sister's business. I've been designing for
>> many years now, but mainly for non-profit corporations and not getting
>> paid - or paid well. Now Sis wants to know what the "fair market
>> value" for the site would be as she wants to pay me. I have no idea.
>> I spent about 200 hours on the site, but some of that was because my
>> CSS skills needed an upgrade. The site is at:

> A non-answer is "fair market value" is what someone is willing to pay.

...which should always be compared with "how much does it cost to produce?" ie all your costs expressed as an hourly rate times the time taken to produce the site, deducting whatever you think is reasonable for you upgrade your CSS skills[1]. 

If what someone is willing to pay is above the cost to produce, then you're golden. Of course, what someone is willing to pay is tempered on their side by:

1) What it would cost with your competitors
2) Whether the benefit to them of having the site outweighs the proposed cost


[1] Although your sister won't be bearing the full costs of your CSS upgrade, the time taken for you to do that will be included in your total costs, so she will be bearing a portion, as will all your clients.

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