[thelist] aol, session tracking, and load-balacing

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Jan 9 20:07:35 CST 2008

Most load balancers have functionality to "test" the health of each webserver (by requesting various test pages). This is how the load balancer determines whether a machine in the pool or has gone offline.

If possible, see if you can configure it to failover the AOL users to a second machine if/when the primary goes offline.

I suppose it really depends on how many AOL users you actually have. If they are a small propotion, and the downtime is only a small proportion, then it's a fraction of a fraction of users who'll be impacted, yet your support issues largely go away.


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Ken Schaefer wrote:

> One option might be to have your load balancer send all requests from AOL subnets to a single web server.

We don't want to do that for redundancy issues.  That is, afterall, most
of the point of having the 3 web servers in the first place.

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