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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Wed Jan 23 07:43:54 CST 2008

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> 5. Sooner or later the #main div (containing the questions) will
> whiteout until you resize the browser window.


I'm not seeing the whiteout problem, but I do find the whole experience of
using the form rather annoying. When I click on a field to edit its value,
the page scrolls and the field is no longer in view, then everytime I leave
the field via tab there's a delay and page elements disappear for a second
before returning after the "saving" icon finishes swirling around--and then
when everything does come back the field I was on once again scrolls out of
view.  Perhaps our experiences are related?

My recommendations:

1.  Eliminate the auto-scrolling feature when an element is focussed.
2.  Find some way to save transparently without having the modify the DOM
during the save process.  If there's an error, then go ahead and show the
error without changing the page layout (e.g., change the field background
color or something), but don't refocus on that field--they may already be
editing another field.


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