[thelist] IE7 whiteout Problem

Lord Armitage lord.armitage at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 09:34:17 CST 2008

On 23/01/2008, Joshua Olson <joshua at waetech.com> wrote:
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> > Hy Folks,
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> > URL: <http://ca.communalaudit.at>
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> > 5. Sooner or later the #main div (containing the questions) will
> > whiteout until you resize the browser window.

> My recommendations:
> 1.  Eliminate the auto-scrolling feature when an element is focussed.
> 2.  Find some way to save transparently without having the modify the DOM
> during the save process.  If there's an error, then go ahead and show the
> error without changing the page layout (e.g., change the field background
> color or something), but don't refocus on that field--they may already be
> editing another field.

Hy Joshua,

thanks for you're reply. It's disturbing that you don't get the
whiteout Problem (i was able to reproduce it on several mashines
including the vanilla IE7 VPC image from MS). To you're suggestions.
The scrolling behaviour is unpleasant in IE7 however there is no
application code involved in the scrolling (IE does this on it's own).
As for the focusing of the error field i will think about that
problem, when the error is shown (only when the field has focus) i
have to change the dom to display the error msg wich is pulled from
the server.

best regards

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