[thelist] domain name change/forwarding

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Sun Jan 27 17:34:17 CST 2008

We've settled on a shorter domain name (six characters vs. 24) but there
are links out there in the world (others' blog comments, etc.) like


which will point to an obsolete location on my server in eleven months
or so. I'll still own the domain name, but plan on doing some thorough
rearranging under the new domain name.

Any suggestions for making these bounce/redirect to a new location?
which in this case would be


Server side text munging? I'm already redirecting, for instance,
http://CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com/ bounces to the directory /ce/

This is probably all related to maintaining links during redesigns, but
my head won't funtion well enough to do anything useful with that info
at the moment.

It's a Windows box at Crystal Tech. I'm having a fairly moronic day, so
if there's a childishly obvious answer, don't assume I've thought of it.



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