[thelist] MySQL server not responding

Dejan Kozina dejan at kozina.com
Wed Jan 30 06:33:58 CST 2008

There's not a separate MySQL for Vista, so what works in XP should work 
there too.

You can check if the server is running in Task Monitor 
(Alt+Ctrl+Delete): under 'Processes' look for 'mysqld.exe'.

MySQL has a command-line interface:
1) go to the '/bin/' subdirectory of the folder where you've put MySQL
2) if the server is not running start it with 'mysqld'
3) assuming you haven't changed the default password  you start the 
console with 'mysql -uroot' - 'Welcome to the MySQL Monitor' should be 
returned to you
4) play at will with the server
5) logout with 'quit;'
6) shut the server down from the command line with 'mysqladmin -uroot 

HeidiSQL [http://heidisql.sourceforge.net/] is my choice for database 
editing - try it out...


Hassan Schroeder wrote:
> I can't say for sure, but I'd bet that even on Windows Vista, there's
> 1) a way to tell if a process is running
> 2) a command shell to use the MySQL CLI client
> 3) configurable MySQL logging for errors
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