[thelist] Cheap Domain Registrars

David Menzel DavidM at circlebroach.net
Wed Jan 30 09:26:50 CST 2008

Personally, i use PairNIC. Not only are they a larger company w/ some 
pretty fast lines and good interfaces for management of your account, 
including domains, dns, parking, forewarding, all that fun stuff, but 
they also back alot of the larger open-source projects and host mirrors 
for them such as OpenOffice.org and MySQL. The prices are quite 
reasonable as well.


Joel D Canfield wrote:
>>> d) not NetSol, GoDaddy, NameCheap, or resellers thereof
>> Ed,
>> Out of shear curiosity, may I ask what you have against GoDaddy?
>> Joshua
> I'm not Ed (I don't even play him on television) but I couldn't get
> GoDaddy's DNS configured to use my own mail server (I set it up, and it
> just didn't function; resulted in relaying permission errors, despite
> being configured exactly the same as I've configured this elsewhere.) 
> They refused point blank to help because they said it was a problem with
> my [fully functional] mail server. I now have to maintain DNS at
> EveryDNS for every single account that's registered at GoDaddy, but uses
> my mail server.
> So, I'm passively looking for the same suggestion Ed is ;)
> joel

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