[thelist] PHP file/download management?

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Thu Feb 14 16:23:51 CST 2008

No, I do not need paid access, just control.

Sometimes we need to send people large files, e.g. 50+ MB, and since  
you can't email that I like the idea of having a corporate download  
site on a subdomain.  I also want a public downloads directory and,  
say, an "employees only" (group) directory.

I'm currently considering a program called SecureLoads <http:// 
www.secureloads.com/>.  It looks promising, but I've already come  
across a bug just using the demo.

Part of the reason I like open-source software I guess.  Thousands of  
eyes find and fix bugs a lot faster than a small staff at some  
company somewhere....  ;)


On Feb 14, 2008, at 3:47 PM, Pringle, Ron wrote:

> Are you looking to charge for access, or just control access? I've  
> been using an application called AMemberPro which allows for paid  
> (or free if you so choose) membership access control to whatever  
> you want. Its not a download manager per se, but you can create  
> groups with different access privileges. Its PHP/MySQL based and it  
> runs $179 currently. It uses Smarty templates and can be integrated  
> into the look and feel of your current site.
> It works with a huge number of payment gateways as well, if you're  
> going to be charging for access.
> The company is called CGI Central. You can download a free trial,  
> which is what I initially did. They also include installation with  
> purchase, but I opted to handle that myself.
> http://www.amember.com/
> I'd like to hear what others are using though. Always good to  
> comparison shop!
> Ron
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> Hi --
> Can anybody recommend a good file/download management web application?
> I'm looking for:
> 1) free/open source preferred, but reasonable price (<~$75) maybe
> 2) user logins to control who has access to what
> 3) preferably "groups" settings so I can assign users to groups and  
> then control access for all group members
> 4) PHP (mySQL if DB-driven)
> 5) Skinnable so I can match the look to the website
> Thanks for any advice.  Yes, I've seen lots of stuff via Google,  
> but I was looking for personal recommendations, not ads. :)
> Stephen
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