[thelist] partitioning part of Windows Vista HD to install Fedora

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 12:03:00 CST 2008

Bruce Gilbert scribeva in 2008-02-28 17:25:
> Has anyone installed Fedora or another Linux installation while
> primarily running Windoes Vista? I did some google searching but only
> came up with ways to do this with Windows XP and below. I amagine
> Windows Vista to be a little different. If anyone has successfully
> done this please provide the steps involved.

I'm running Vista and Kubuntu on my laptop (or to be precise: I have 
Vista installed and run Kubuntu :-)

Setting things up was actually quite easy. The trick is to have Vista 
installed first - otherwise it will overwrite GRUB, and things get 

Start Vista, go to Disk Management and shrink the volume where Vista is 
installed (if you have two disks you could ofcourse install Linux on the 
other disk and leave Vista's disk intact). Before shrinking it might be 
a good idea to defragment the disk if you already have been working on 
it (back up is also recommended :-). I had a fresh machine, so no need 
for that.

Then it's just put the CD in and install.

<http://apcmag.com/node/5162/> has nice guide for different dual boot 
scenarios with Vista, XP and Linux.


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