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It doesn't need to be PHP, but I'd rather not go down the Cold Fusion path.  Ideally an "off the rack solution" is best.  I'm sure someone has encountered this problem before and developed some sort of code to deal with it.  I don't have the time or PHP skills to write something from scratch.  I discovered a basic file browser for FCK called LFO  (http://www.saulmade.nl/FCKeditor/FCKPlugins.php ) but was unable to configure it properly ... perhaps if I have more time.  Though very powerful, I find getting into FCK a little challenging.

In a bind, I used a service called http://www.cmsflow.com/ with an iframe tag.  A bit of a hack, but it worked like a charm.

Thanks for the advice,

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> Is there a simple processing script or application that can 
> handle opening/saving a file from FCK?
> If not, can you recommend a lightweight bare-bones CMS that 
> doesn't require MySQL?


I guess this largely depends on your technical expertise and how you value
your time.  Creating the necessary scripts to list, and allow editing of a
few files on the server, and then subsequently saving them, is about an
hours work with PHP--assuming you go really bare bones.  Learning and
implementing a CMS of any sort is likely to take longer than this.

What is your level of expertise with PHP?  Does it have to be PHP--or could
it be something else, like CF?

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