[thelist] variable "www" with htaccess?

Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 04:04:56 CDT 2008

Joost van Velzen wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does anyone know how i can have the www part of an URL changed into 
> something I have in my database (e.g. a username)?
> Can i do this with htacces, do I need to change some apache settings
> as well?

I solved this by asking my host to set up a wildcard DNS.  No matter what's
before the domain name (except ftp. and mail.) get forwarded to the same
hosting package, so it all ends up in the same index.php.

I use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] to find out what was used, and run that through
the database.


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