[thelist] Code storage / management

Matt McKeon matt at camadro.com
Wed Mar 12 08:49:01 CDT 2008

Paul Bennett wrote:
>> and it's very inexpensive. I actually use their "Level Two" and I use 
>> the Trac instances for project ticketing and wiki documentation. I make 
>> a new one (unique SVN and Trac) for each project. I love it. :)
> Hi Fred,
> This still sounds like a project-centric solution - do you also use this to manage code you use / reuse from project to project? 

SVN is nice, but for small snippets I agree that it could be a bit more 
then you need.
I have a Wiki where I store random code bits and stuff I find that could 
be useful in the future. Just hang it off a website and you can access 
it from anywhere, and you can have page history and comments right on 
the same page. Works great for me.


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