[thelist] Code storage / management

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 10:32:28 CDT 2008

Matt McKeon wrote:
> Paul Bennett wrote:
>>> and it's very inexpensive. I actually use their "Level Two" and I use 
>>> the Trac instances for project ticketing and wiki documentation. I make 
>>> a new one (unique SVN and Trac) for each project. I love it. :)
>> Hi Fred,
 >> This still sounds like a project-centric solution - do you also use 
this to manage code you use / reuse from project to project?

Sorry, I didnt' see this post. In my opinion, it's perfect for that, 
because really the code you store on your own hard drive for easy 
access. Each change you make you 'commit' and so all versions are on SVN 
and accessible from the web from anywhere. So you can make a directory 
for each type of snippet and store it there.

The beauty of it is that the Trac wiki is integrated with SVN so you can 
make wiki pages about your code and easily link directly to the code itself.

Yes, it's project-centric, but make yourself a personal project! :)


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