[thelist] Questinging JS was "AJAX Calls Working Intermittently in IE"

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 05:41:30 CDT 2008

>> I strongly encourage non-JS solutions for things like navigation so that
>> search engine ranking isn't hindered, but for things like paging through  
>> an
>> uber-slick photo gallery, I say let the JS enabled browsers have all the
>> fun.
Yes, but if you back up the gallery with a backend solution that either 
renders a full page view or an HTML snippet (depending on the http 
request header) than you can also monitor *what* people are watching and 
see what is successful - and these are metrics than *any* business owner 
I know wants to have (they never do anything with that data, but that is 
another story). You also allow for search engines to crawl all the photo 
pages with captions and find otherwise hidden keywords that way.

That said, if you *create* your super slick JS slideshow with JS and the 
DOM, no problem. If you offer links and buttons that do nothing when JS 
is off then you haven't grasped the trust contract between you and the 
end user.

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