[thelist] Questinging JS was "AJAX Calls Working Intermittently in IE"

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Thu Mar 13 06:48:17 CDT 2008

At 10:08 PM 2008-03-12, you wrote:
> > Joshua,
> >
> > You have given great advice over the years and I'm amazed that you
> > even said that, do we really need to be asking "why support 
> non-js users" anymore?
> > Graceful degradagtion, unobtrusive javascript anyone?

I think so Ben. I'm a developer. And because of that the web is less 
of a mystery to me than say, my mother. I *know* what's out here to 
get me. I surf with my scripting off using NoScript and only turn it 
on for site that I trust. This way I'm not GoogleAnalysed, third 
party cookie tracked or cross site script attacked. I don't worry 
about a whole class of vulnerabilities that javascript opens my 
machine up to. Javascript and browser attacks are the latest rage in 
compromising your machine. I also don't allow java, or flash, or 
pretty much anything that is embedded.

My personal approach is do *everything* on the server for the front 
end, and when that's' rock solid, feel free to add bells and 
whistles. If your site doesn't work naked (even without CSS) then it 
needs work. Even RiaForge, a most excellent site loses half of it's 
functionality with JS turned off. But I trust the author :)

I will admit that on password protected admin sides where you get to 
dictate to the client what browser they'll use, that Ajax can come in 
pretty handy.

Ajax is like masturbation, it feels good but you don't do it in public :)

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