[thelist] Page weight -- good examples of "light" sites?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Thu Mar 27 04:49:21 CDT 2008

Hi Barry,

"Barry Woolgar" <barry at burnthebook.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello
>> and www.sixapart.com (62K)
> Are you counting all the associated 'first visit' files like CSS and JS?

I wasn't doing the counting at all, actually :-) I let Firebug's "net" tab 
add it up for me :-)

    /                   5 KB          20ms
    global.js           2 KB         270ms
    screen.css         25 KB         320ms
    sa_index_new.css   12 KB         300ms
    main.css          232 b          511ms
    print.css         413 b          280ms
    sa_sc.js           19 KB         421ms
    MovableTypeNews   434 b          420ms
  8 requests           62 KB         1.92s

> How about transfer compression? That could result in a larger site
> loading faster than a smaller site (and could potentially cause the 
> 62K/112K
> disparity I see). Just a thought that its possibly not so clear.

Yup that was it.  They all have Content-Encoding: gzip headers.  guess 
that's why their css files are only 200 - 400 *bytes* :-)


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