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Not sure if this is the best approach, but we routinely put spelling variants and mis-spelled versions of some of our more complicated (i.e., most likely to be spelled incorrectly in a search) case and employee names in our meta tag codes. In addition, when we notice that we're getting a lot of variant spellings on something, we will put a sentence somewhere in actual page text along the lines of "often misspelled as ___ or ___," etc. This has worked fairly well for us in catching variant spellings entered in search engines.

Although I suspect there exists a more elegant approach <grin>.

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Here's something that a client has asked me that I have never thought of

British people spell jewellery like this.

If my client wants to market her products in the US where they spell it
jewelry, will this greatly effect searches in say google ?

And how do you get around this in your text ?

Is it something you just have to live with ?









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