[thelist] [OT] Hardware question about RAID...

Tris beertastic at gmail.com
Wed May 7 10:17:28 CDT 2008

Thanks all...!
I'm 'upgrading' my system to replace all my external drives, I plan to
have 6 x 1Tb drives, raid 5 or 6.
Giving me 4.5Tb roughly, which is about 1Tb more than I need, but
that'll fill up quickly I'm sure.
I wanted it to show up as one drive of 4.5Tb. the case I've purchased
has hot swapable bays, so when a drive goes to heaven, I can easily
replace it and not loose data. (hopefully ;-p )
Buuuuut, I've opted for this:

And if I'm reading correctly, I can only make increments of 2Tb...
(due to a windows and linux kernel 2.4 issue)
I'm new to Linux (havng installed ubuntu last weekend) but guess if I
upgrade to 2.6, I'll be fine..

I guess that's it, I have to get a dedicated card...
But the advise thus far has been great... cheers!!


2008/5/7 Norman Bunn <norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com>:
> Tris wrote:
>  > Hi all...
>  > I'm building my first PC..
>  > I want to use a RAID configuration and see that many motherboards
>  > offer raid 5 as standard.
>  > This is what I was after, but assumed I'd need a raid card to do that.
>  >
>  > so my question is, will a motherboard such as:
>  > http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Motherboards/Socket+775+%28Intel%29/Gigabyte+GA-P35-DS3L+iP35+Express+%28775%29+Motherboard+?productId=30549
>  >
>  > Offer me a reliable raid set up?
>  > I've just using it to host media through my house, so the load will be
>  > minimal...
>  >
>  > Any tech heads out there, know what's what?
>  >
>  > Tris...
>  >
>  My personal feeling is that onboard components, while fine in some
>  respects (less expensive), are typically inferior to add-on units that
>  are specifically tailored to your needs.  As an example, my son's PC has
>  onboard RAID, and it has given him nothing but trouble, while a
>  dedicated RAID 5 NAS I have just keeps on ticking.
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