[thelist] CF: Can't create Verity collections

Mark Henderson morgoth at ispnz.co.nz
Thu Jun 5 02:58:45 CDT 2008

Frank wrote:
> We've just moved to a new server with CF 8 (love the server 
> monitoring). Since, however I can no longer create Verity 
> collections, nor can I seem to map the ones I've physically placed 
> from the last server (v. 7.01)
> At first I got one error, thought it was permissions, chmod -R 777'd 
> it. Now I'm stuck with this, and all the googling in the world and 
> the Adobe KB articles I've found havne't helped me move forward. 
> Here's my current error. Can someone suggest a direction?
> ____ Start error
> Unable to create collection [domain name goe here]_verity_index.
> An error occurred while performing an operation in the Search Engine library.
> Error opening a workspace.: 
> com.verity.organize.WorkSpaceCreationException: K2ODK unable to 
> create directory for new workspace, check permissions and available 
> space [K2OdkErr_WSDataDirCreateFailed]. (-5143)
> ___ End error

Three suggestions, the last of which will probably be the most helpful.

1. On the server in question look at the properties of the Verity 
Service (probably ColdFusion 8 Search Server). Under the Logon tab 
select 'Allow service to interact with desktop' and try again.

2. Upon googling for "K2OdkErr_WSDataDirCreateFailed" I found a 
reference to the Verity Developers Kit:
Try searching the PDF for that term.

3. For a more informed and likely faster response than mine, sign up to 
CF-Talk at


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